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Daluyon Hotel, Sabang, Underground River

January 15, 2011

If living in the lap of luxury is your thing, then Daluyon is the place for you to stay while in Sabang. This mid-size resort is the ultimate service oriented, oozing with class, all oooomphs, you won’t regret it joint. Located on the opposite side of the pier, this resort boasts of a spectacular beachfront far from the crowds that sometimes converge at Sabang.

Daluyon Lobby

This hotel blends well with the natural environment

Heading to the quartz lined pool (like a natural heater)

The overall concept of the resort is modern tropical.  Cogon roofing is a standout feature, while louvered windows and swing-out doors can either connect or isolate you to the outside world.  The rooms here define fineness. Noteworthy of mention are the spectacular sea views from the rooms. Strategic placing of the beds make for an enjoyable experience. The interiors of the rooms leave nothing short of spectacular. Modern furniture and art works of local artists deck out the rooms. Fine high thread count linens are used, satellite tv, mini bar, and room accents complement the already first-rate offering.

Fantastic views

Sarap to sleep in this bed, man!

Bells and whistles

The food is another strong point of Daluyon. They have varied cuisine ranging from Italian, Continental, and of course Filipino. All make for an excellent dining experience. The desserts are also fabulous!

These guys also seem to harp on superior customer service, all attendants are tuned into the guests. They go the extra mile for the guests down here. Short of saying, your wish is my command.

Connecting with nature and harmonizing seems to be the overall objectives of the owner of this resort, kudos to you, we shall keep coming back.



Dabdab, Sabang, Underground River Inn

January 5, 2011

Most people shrug off Sabang as a mere day trip destination. Underground River. Period. I beg to disagree. There is so much more to Sabang than just the Underground River.  You’ve got activities such as a mangrove paddle boat tour, jungle trek, monkey trail, a waterfall hike,  heck even beach exploration can be had in this sleepy little town.  A day is not enough to cover this sleepy rural town.

An overnight or two is a must, if you are sold on Sabang. The best deal for accommodations, value over price is DabDab Cottages. The place is located on the left side of the cove if you are facing the beach. About 200 meters from the pier.  The place is technically beach front, albeit a rocky one. This does not bother me though.

The view from Dabdab

Entrance to Dabdab

The setting is a lush landscaped garden with various features, and the structures itself are artistic in nature with varying implementations of native material usage. Cottages are well spaced out and privacy comes as a natural consequence of good spacing and landscaping.

Cottage Facade

Another cottage

Dining Pavilion

The icing on the cake really is the excellent food served by the restaurant. Man, one of the best Crabs in coconut milk that I have ever tried was in this pavilion. They got weekly specials and all time favourites in their menu board. Everything is a must-try.

For bookings, you can reach them at +63908 4522215; +63906 7538440. Room rates start at P700 and above.

December 27, 2010

Excellente El Nido

This place will always hold a special place in my heart. No matter what. When am there, it feels like am at home.

Planting Rice

December 7, 2010

It’s time to plant rice, says farmer friend Simon. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get actual hands-on experience. Producing my own rice is one of the goals of the farm am setting up (a nice red or black variety eventually)

Soil preparation shall be tackled in a separate post as it deserves a post of its own due to its importance.  Do note that there are many ways to plant rice. This is the SRI method (system of rice intensification), a technique that is said to double production combined with some traditional Filipino techniques.
The process of planting begins with seed germination. Apparently a good soak overnight in EM (effective microorganisms) helps the germination process. After the overnight soak, keep the seeds in a sack for two days making sure it’s covered, and always moist. In two days time, the seeds should have sprouted. It is now time to make the dapog or seed bed.  This particular method saves tons of space and keeps management of the sprouts a lot easier.  You lay a bed of banana leaves on a flat surface, then spread the germinated seeds on it leaving almost no gaps between seeds. Gently flatten seeds using an implement with a flat surface, followed by a good watering (just enough to keep it moist). Cover afterwards and keep moist.  It will be ready for planting in about 8-12 days.

The seed bed

Ready for planting

Now for the fun part, planting. After the soil is prepared, the field is ploughed. We plough it again after two weeks. After a good harrowing, the plots are marked in a grid pattern for the SRI method. Spacing is at about 30cm apart. The seeds are then broadcasted one by one on the grid.  Again it is harrowed and hoed after two weeks for weed control.

Simon marking the grid

The grid

Planting the rice

Can’t wait for harvest time!!! If you want to learn more about farming, visit Simon’s site at As a final note. Magtanim ay hindi biro. (to plant aint no joke)

Getting Dirty

December 2, 2010


Pardon the long gaps in between posts. Not much adventures going on cause of rainfall, plus these days we’ve been getting it down and dirty in the island. It appears that we have committed ourselves further to settling down in the island, in our very own farm more sooner than later.

It doesn’t help that trying to progress in the island is like trying to swim against a strong current, as a good friend puts it. Things such as good labor is hard to come by, people trying to rip you off are a dime and a dozen, our internet connection, the so-called SMART Bro ain’t so smart after all (or is it us who isn’t so smart since we hooked up to their service)

On the bright side, we have managed to rise above the clutter and continuously work towards our goal of building a place we can call home.

Back to Palawan adventures, the sun is out again these days, and some adventures have already been planned. Sailing by the bay this weekend, and a trip down Apulit Island down in Taytay is imminent. Oh yes. We are definitely back. If you want an adventure of your own in Palawan, do check out another endeavor of ours

Star Gazing

November 13, 2010

It’s been awhile since this blog has seen some action. Folks, we are back with a vengeance.

Nights are made extra special in Palawan because one can clearly see lots of constellations in the sky.  Unlike in urban areas where lights, smog and smoke dominate the skyline; here in our place the heavens shine bright at night.


The stars shine bright (photography c/o Miko Lim)

The experience of just lying down, staring up at the sky randomly searching for constellations that you can make out is priceless. And as you are staring at the stars, you will clearly hear the symphony of sounds the wildlife and trees make. Absolutely communing with nature. Talk about the simple joys of life.
I’ll be sure to figure this star gazing bit before the little one grows up so when he starts asking tons of q’s, I’d be more informed and will be able to teach him better. Ah yes, definitely this will be an occasion for bonding.

Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2010

Eyes wide open.
Movement is free and wide.
Wide net of light is cast.
Journeys shine brighter.

The moon is full, the people wide-eyed and restless. Taken at 530pm, facing the Sulu Sea