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Port Barton, Palawan

February 4, 2011

Port Barton is one of those off the beaten path beach destinations in Palawan. It hasn’t really gone mainstream and to this date is confined to guests of the backpacker nature. The beach is really nice, golden and fine sand, decent sized cove. The best part of it is this place does not have the crowds now associated with a vacay to El Nido.

One of the reasons why this place is San Vicente has not really taken off is because the roads to get here is not that great. But believe me, its current state is like 100x better than how it was a few years ago. From the highway turn-off, its about a 22km (more or less) drive that takes about an hour to get to Port Barton town. Now you can imagine the road condition based on travel time!

The road to Port Barton

Fantastic Vistas

One is rewarded at the end of the long, winding and bumpy road with a nice beach in a decent sized cove bathed in fine golden sand that has that same texture as the sands in Boracay.

The beach at Port Barton

From another angle

There are a number of places to stay in Port Barton but these are in the inn type of accommodations. Spartan and functional. Period. If you are Mr or Mrs Classy, this place is not for you! We opted to stay in a quieter side of the cove in a place called Deep Gold Resort. Here the beach is longer, and there are less people and boats. I’d have to skip on commenting on the food as this blog is not about reviewing and certainly bashing places.

Former Swissippini, 360 Palawan, and now Deep Gold Resort

Some places, that we’d tell you to check out for dining options are the following:

A good place to have breakfast, and then maybe a meal 🙂

El Busero Restaurant and Inn, Pizza place

On that note, here is a quote from one of the many at Jambalaya that struck a familiar chord in me. CheerS!

What you need

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  1. February 15, 2011 1:45 am

    Dude Port Barton looks very interesting. What’s up with the Jambalaya comment? LOL. As for the last photo, classic man. You should print this photo into a poster and hang it on your wall!

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