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Dabdab, Sabang, Underground River Inn

January 5, 2011

Most people shrug off Sabang as a mere day trip destination. Underground River. Period. I beg to disagree. There is so much more to Sabang than just the Underground River.  You’ve got activities such as a mangrove paddle boat tour, jungle trek, monkey trail, a waterfall hike,  heck even beach exploration can be had in this sleepy little town.  A day is not enough to cover this sleepy rural town.

An overnight or two is a must, if you are sold on Sabang. The best deal for accommodations, value over price is DabDab Cottages. The place is located on the left side of the cove if you are facing the beach. About 200 meters from the pier.  The place is technically beach front, albeit a rocky one. This does not bother me though.

The view from Dabdab

Entrance to Dabdab

The setting is a lush landscaped garden with various features, and the structures itself are artistic in nature with varying implementations of native material usage. Cottages are well spaced out and privacy comes as a natural consequence of good spacing and landscaping.

Cottage Facade

Another cottage

Dining Pavilion

The icing on the cake really is the excellent food served by the restaurant. Man, one of the best Crabs in coconut milk that I have ever tried was in this pavilion. They got weekly specials and all time favourites in their menu board. Everything is a must-try.

For bookings, you can reach them at +63908 4522215; +63906 7538440. Room rates start at P700 and above.

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  1. Chelsie permalink
    April 30, 2011 12:35 pm

    Hey, I am trying to get a hold of Dab Dab, I have tried several different numbers I found online but have had zero success, do you have any other way to contact them?


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