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Getting Dirty

December 2, 2010


Pardon the long gaps in between posts. Not much adventures going on cause of rainfall, plus these days we’ve been getting it down and dirty in the island. It appears that we have committed ourselves further to settling down in the island, in our very own farm more sooner than later.

It doesn’t help that trying to progress in the island is like trying to swim against a strong current, as a good friend puts it. Things such as good labor is hard to come by, people trying to rip you off are a dime and a dozen, our internet connection, the so-called SMART Bro ain’t so smart after all (or is it us who isn’t so smart since we hooked up to their service)

On the bright side, we have managed to rise above the clutter and continuously work towards our goal of building a place we can call home.

Back to Palawan adventures, the sun is out again these days, and some adventures have already been planned. Sailing by the bay this weekend, and a trip down Apulit Island down in Taytay is imminent. Oh yes. We are definitely back. If you want an adventure of your own in Palawan, do check out another endeavor of ours

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