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Puerto Princesa Dolphin Watching

July 13, 2010

An amazing celebration of life is how I’d best describe this marine adventure. One can’t help but wonder in awe at the mystery and rationale behind God’s creations. Makes one feel how minute he is amidst this sea of blue.

One sets off at 6:30-7am at the Baywalk for this magnificent adventure. The supporting cast behind the adventure are a group of fishermen who make a living off fishing inside the bay. These group of fishermen also serve as the spotters who sms the tour operators where the sightings are for the day.  More time for interaction is the benefit of this arrangement.

The sun is out.Definitely a good day for dolphin interaction

Magnificent cloud formations against land mass at Puerto Princesa Bay

I have always been a cynic of these interactions. A big part of me wants to leave the critters alone, but there is also a part of me wants to witness this magical spectacle while it is still there. Today, the family goes for it. And boy, just like in Donsol, God blesses me with more interactions than I can handle.

Spinner Dolphins are the species commonly found in Puerto Princesa Bay

Presenting, the Spinner Dolphins

Let's get up-close and personal

Dolphins putting on a show

At a certain point, we had to call it a day. It was getting hot and we had seen so much already it was beginning to become redundant.We saw spinner dolphins, twisting, turning, jumping, swimming in unison, criss-cross swimming, and so much more. Dolphins in Puerto Princesa??! Definitely. Lots, in fact. Do try it, the P600/ head fee is definitely worth the experience.

Post Script.
I have been trying to get a fabulous video on our interaction up on youtube, to no avail. Will put up the link once technology starts cooperating.

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