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Keep Running

May 28, 2010

The morning person that I am has me jogging at the oval by 6am, almost on a daily basis since recently. This romance with running has been there on-and-off for the past fifteen years.I find it such a stress relieving, mind focusing activity. Most hate the repetition and monotony.

Working It

Its such a treat that Puerto Princesa offers to its residents facilities for sports such as a running oval, competition size pool, soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts, badminton courts and the ever so important basketball court. I may have failed to name em all cause I have not fully explored the grounds. But ya. U like getting active? Puerto has got the facilities. And am not talking about crap substandard facilities like what we are used to seeing in the boonies.

I am also amazed that the residents take their fitness seriously. Seriously. I see more people exercising here than in Manila. People from a wide age band converge every morning to get their daily dose of what they call “adrenaline rush” And they start early. By the time I get to the track oval at 6am, most have already started their daily run, jog, walk or what have you.

Ah yes. Now its time to get fit.

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  1. June 9, 2010 5:14 am

    Mon, if you ever see me running, please call the Police, it means someone is chasing me ok? hahaha

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