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Bugs Off

April 21, 2010

The presence of bugs cannot be denied in remote places. They come with the territory and could be present either in the air, water bodies and land masses. I came across a site that sells aids to combat these critters while keeping in harmony with nature.

For land and air based bugs there is Permanet, a ready to use mosquito bed net coated with an odourless and biodegradable insecticide called deltamethrin that is mixed in a resin, coating the netting fibres. The net is environment-friendly as it reduces the total exposure of insecticide in the environment. It also requires no re-treatment or dipping. A dirt repellent feature has also been added to keep it clean longer. Hey, it also comes in different shapes and sizes.

This is totally awesome for camp outs. Heck, these also have use in the home front, Most especially if you live in Palawan.

Water based bugs (parasites, bacteria, viruses, and shit) on the other hand, can be almost totally eliminated using Lifestraw. A point-of-use filtering device. It removes 99.9% of parasites. No need for electical power, batteries, or spare parts for this simple device. Hey, you don’t even need running water to use Lifestraw.

If you are in the Philippines, you can purchase the goodies at the website listed below:

Definitely worth the purchase.

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