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Mapping Out.

April 15, 2010

This is a primer on Palawan. Why u might ask? We want to place the island in proper perspective; directionally, in relation to point B, as well as relation of parts to the whole. The goal is to get everyone oriented and up-to-date on the different areas, relative distances from major points. What is the last frontier, the Isla of Palawan.

Map of Palawan

Geographically, Palawan is a really huge-ass long and narrow island whose northern region is from just below the southern portion of Mindoro. Its southern most area on the other hand, is almost near the border of Malaysia. Size wise, the main island of Palawan is about 450 kms. long and about 50 kms.  wide.  It is bound by the South China Sea on its west side while its east side faces the Sulu Sea.  Its strategic location makes it free from earthquakes as well as typhoons.

Currently, the bulk of visitors to Palawan are concentrated on Puerto Princesa and the Northern Area of Palawan which include Busuanga and Coron as well as El Nido. Puerto Princesa the biggest tourism drawer, is the gateway to the Tubataha reefs, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, San Vicente, Port Barton, Taytay and up to a certain extent El Nido.

We shall be referencing most tourist areas against Puerto Princesa simply because this is the gateway to Palawan for most. The mode of transportation for this benchmarking: Palawan worthy automobile

Point of Interest                               Approximate Distance                   Approximate Travel Time

Honda Bay wharf                                             10km                                             15 mins

Bacungan                                                            27km                                             30 mins

Simpocan                                                            40km                                            1 hour

Sabang                                                                 70                                                  1 ½ hours

Roxas                                                                    142km                                           2 hours

San Vicente                                                        167km                                           3 hours

Taytay                                                                   217km                                           4 hours

El Nido                                                                  267km                                           5-6 hours

*distances are on nearest approximation only, travel time on the other hand is based on cruisin’ at about 80-100km/hr

Staying at a place along Rizal Avenue makes a good home base for adventurers who do not have their own personal transport in Puerto Princesa City as most places worthy of a visit within the city center are walking distance from this area — Good places to stay, excellent dining options, as well as night-time party places.

Nuff of this directional crap. Let’s roll.

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  1. Jo Tiongson-Perez permalink
    July 14, 2010 3:36 am

    WOW Mon3! You are the ultimate guide to Paradiso on earth. Especially impressed not only with your impeccable eye for the simple & the sublime but also your efforts to go sustainable, eco-friendly living. Visiting you, Monica & the ultimo guapito Santi is definitely on our must-do list. Will check back here often & follow (with a big SIGH & big YUM lechon!) your adventures 🙂

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