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March 29, 2010

Just recently finished having our garden area fenced. Personally, I don’t really like fencing myself in. Feels to cage’y. Had to do it though cause our neighbor has a bunch of dogs (more than ten!) that would always wreck havoc on the garden uprooting plants, sorting through our trash, and other dog-like behavior.

Buho was the material chosen for the fence. It’s a very inexpensive material that is very abundant. This was to be the walling material.


The walling process was quite basic. Wooden posts for every 3 meters stuck to the ground at a depth of about a foot. This is followed by lining up the area to be fenced with “kawayan”, nailing em to the posts (for buho support) and then last is the most tedious process; lining up the fence area with buho and tying it down with nylon string to the kawayan supports. It took 4 days to fence the garden area.

Son supervising while wearing a snorkeling mask

Mission accomplished

Total fence investment? 3,000.00 Pesos! give or take a few hundred (labor and material included). Quite reasonable. Definitely gone workshop, provincial style. Hammer time!

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