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Gone Bananas!

March 7, 2010


No folks, we have not gone bonkers nor have we gone on a banana diet. We are just in awe at how fresh produce can be had for such a decent price. And really, that is how food should be; Accessible to EVERYONE.

Just about 5k from the town proper of Puerto Princesa, on the main highway en route to Northern Palawan, is the San Jose New Market. It is open the whole week but the gala is on the weekends some of the produce of Palawan converge (the rest converge at the old market downtown) Fresh produce of varied shapes, sizes and colors dominate the otherwise spartan ambiance the market provides.

It was the first marketing weekend for our family since moving to Palawan. We had just gotten our kitchen going just recently and we were about ready to fire up that stove. By the initial looks of it, we shall be partaking of bountiful and fresh food on our table constantly.

We were in for a total surprise having been used to the exorbitant prices of goods in the city. Here are some of the produce of note that we purchased at the market. Check out unbelievably cheap it was!

Watermelon – P25/kilo

Mangoes- P50/kilo

Lacatan Bananas – P5 for 3 big pieces

Saba Bananas – P1/ea.  (a really big piece)

Star Apple – P25/kilo

Tomatoes – P20/kilo

Green/Red Peppers – P20/kilo

Cabbage – P30/kilo

Eggplant – P20/kilo

Tuna – P140/kilo

Pusit – P100/kilo

Labahita – P90/kilo

Galunggong – P30/kilo

On that note, let me end this post with some fotos of the “goods” from the market

Man, that made me hungry.  Maka food trip nga sandali.

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